Simons symposium on p-adic Hodge theory at Schloss Elmau between May 8 and May 12

Notes from the standalone talks

Laurent Fargues: Simple connectedness of the fibers of an Abel-Jacobi morphism and local class field theory (texed notes, handwritten notes)

Bryden Cais: Breuil-Kisin modules and crystalline cohomology (texed notes, handwritten notes)

Minhong Kim: Reciprocity laws and principal bundles (slides)

Michel Gros: Simpson correspondance in characteristic p>0 and splittings of the algebra of PD-differential operators (slides)

Ahmed Abbes: Lifting the Cartier transform of Ogus-Vologodsky modulo p^n (slides)

Dmitry Kaledin: Co-periodic cyclic homology (handwritten notes)

Pierre Colmez: Cohomology of p-adic analytic curves (texed notes, handwritten notes)

Wieslawa Niziol: Cohomology of p-adic Stein spaces (handwritten notes)

Ana Caraiani: Galois representations and torsion classes (handwritten notes)

Kiran Kedlaya: Tautological local systems and (phi, gamma)-modules

Ruochuan Liu: Logarithmic OB_{dR} (texed notes, handwritten notes)

Takeshi Tsuji: The relative Fontaine-Laffaille theory and Ainf representations with Frobenius (texed notes, handwritten notes)

Series of 5 talks on integral p-adic Hodge theory and topological cyclic homology

Matthew Morrow: An overview of integral p-adic Hodge theory (texed notes, handwritten notes)

Peter Scholze: Hochschild homology, cyclic homology and relations to de Rham cohomology (texed notes, handwritten notes)

Jacob Lurie: Topological Hochschild homology (texed notes, handwritten notes)

Lars Hesselholt: THH and cyclotomic spectra (texed notes, handwritten notes)

Peter Scholze: A “weight” filtration on THH and its relation with crystalline cohomology and A\Omega (texed notes, handwritten notes)

The TeXed notes were written by Kedlaya (and mildly revised by the respective authors); the handwritten notes were taken by Caraiani; the slides were provided by the speakers. Thanks Ana, Kiran and the speakers!