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System summary

At some point, I'll turn this blog around so that it reads like a proper story--not told backwards. For now, however, I'll just place this simple summary at the top and postdate it so it will stay there. (It is actually 10/7/05 as I write this.) This way newcomers, like those who come to the October 8 solar tour, can quickly access the basics of the project.

Here are the main elements of the solar-electric system in my house:
Here is a photo of the shingles on the roof:

Here's a photo of the power panels, inverter, and charge controller in the basement:

Links to the major equipment suppliers and other useful sources of information are on the left. Details about this project and how it was done are in the archives, also on the left.

I guess we're just a few months too late. My company, ICP Solar, will soon have roof tiles that look like......roof tiles. In fact, you can hardly tell them apart from real tiles. But I must commend you on your initiative and desire to help mother earth. Kudos to your leadership.
Sass Peress
ICP Solar
Thats cool, I think more companies should have solar. My web site hosting company called Affordable Internet Services Online, Inc is one company that is a responsible green web-hosting service that has been using solar power since 2001 and is environmentally friendly! Not only are they using solar power but have a propane powered generator for backup. 15+ Solar tubes to bring in natural light from the outside providing light during the day and AMD Opteron powered servers that use sixty percent less energy and generate fifty percent less heat and power all of their servers. The data center has several layers of insulation which give them an R value equal to R 50. This high R value keeps the cool air in and the hot air out, therefore reducing the amount of energy necessary to run the data center; plus the cooling system is built by Maytag and is energy star compliant. The company has been featured in Wired and Entrepreneur magazines. They are even looking into getting a green roof for their data center. Now here is a company which other companies should follow to help our environment. They have awesome tech support and using a green web hosting provider doesn't have to cost more, either. AISO offers packages starting at $9.95 per month!
I would be interested in the full costs, and any tax credits you might have gotten. In the 1970-80's, I installed solar collectors for hot waster assist, and received over considerable tax credits that covered all but about 10% of the costs.
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Nice stuff!
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