Saturday, November 19, 2005


Finally, they read my meter

I've been wanting to brag about my electric bills, but the last two months DTE used estimated meter readings, based apparently on last year's bills. Last Tuesday, however, they actually came and read my meter. The result? For the 88 days between August 19 and November 15, I used 106 kwh of grid power. For the same period, my solar shingles produced 441 kwh, or about 80% of my total electicity used. The 106 kwh was well under the minimum of 2 kwh per day that DTE charges just for being connected (I could have used an additional 70 kwh with no additional charge). Because they had used estimate readings to overcharge me for two months, my electric bill this month shows a CREDIT of $34.71.

We had two very dark, rainy days this week, which were the lowest kwh my system has had so far-about 0.4 kwh each day. Today was sunny, so I got 4.1 kwh. Nothing like the 9+ I was getting in August, but still not bad for a short day with the sun at low angles.

Here's a chart showing about 4.5 months of solar production:

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