Monday, September 26, 2005


Simplified battery watering

I ordered the Flowrite Profill battery watering system last week. It arrived on Saturday, and I was able to connect it up in about 20 minutes:

Special caps replace the original battery caps. Each cap has a float which cuts off the flow of water when the cell is full. The manifold distributes the water to the three cells in each battery.

The battery manifolds are connected together with rubber tubing. Each manifold has three connectors. The unused connectors are capped off.

A hand pump is connected to the manifolds with a simple connector, and the other end goes in the bottle of distilled water. When the pumping gets hard, the batteries are full.

I have a question for Bob---I recently bought a used motorhome which appears to have this flowrite system on the batteries. I can't find out anything about it. I saw that there is a tubing at the end of your article with a pump which I don't have. How do I get one?
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