Monday, August 15, 2005


Links updated

I've added on several new links to the list on the left, including the major equipment manufacturers and vendors. Some of you, like me, probably live in North Snowistan hundreds of miles from anything resembling a solar energy store. I would generally prefer to buy local, but in this case that really wasn't an option. Of the four out-of-state Internet stores that I bought equipment from, I would recommend the Solar Panel Store in Colorado and Perfect Power in Phoenix as being the most helpful. Cindy Phillips at Perfect Power was very helpful when I needed four additional shingles and nobody seemed to have them, and in getting the batteries here.

The Alternative Energy Store gave me a below-listed-price deal on the first 80 shingles, but dragged their feet on giving me an estimate on a pre-assembled Outback Power Panel (I ended up buying all of the components separately). Affordable Solar had the lowest prices, but they messed up on two orders, putting the wrong stuff in the boxes.

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