The Full-page Ad from the Wall Street Journal, Monday, January 13, 2003
I couldn't find an online version of the ad, so I copied it from the Journal and typed it in. Text in blue is my descriptions of the page; Text in black is what is actually in the ad. I have tried to reproduce the bold print and italics as they exist in the ad.

A Republican Dissent on Iraq.

To President Bush, his advisors and the American People:
Let’s be clear: We supported the Gulf War.
We supported our intervention in Afghanistan.
We accept the logic of a just war.
But Mr. President, your war on Iraq does not pass the test. It is not a just war.
The candidate we supported in 2000 promised a more humble nation in our dealings with the world. We gave him our votes and our campaign contributions.
That candidate was you. We feel betrayed. We want our money back. We want our country back.
War is the most extreme action a society can take. It can only be unleashed after exploring every other road. You have not explored all the roads.
How many young American lives will be lost in this dubious war? How many more innocent Iraqis will be killed and maimed and made homeless? Haven’t they suffered enough, after two decades of terrible wars and sanctions?
Among the one billion Muslims in the world there is now a steady trickle of recruits going to Al Qaeda. You will turn the trickle into a torrent. A billion bitter enemies will rise out of this war.
And out of war may rise an Iraqi regime every bit as brutish as the present one. What will you do then? Our jaws drop when we read that you may decide we have to occupy Iraq for years, that the next ruler of Iraq may be…an American general! Is there anyone who thinks that will work? Your odds of success are infinitesimal!
The world wants Saddam Hussein disarmed. But you must find a better way to do it. Why would you lead us into a situation where we are bound to fail? You cannot keep proclaiming peace while preparing for war. You are waltzing blindfolded into what may well be a catastrophe. Pride goeth before a fall. Show the humility and compassion that led us to elect you.
In the center, there is a blurry picture of children’s faces with this text over it: 

At the bottom, it says:
War with Iraq is not inevitable. Now is the time to stop it. Speak out at your place of worship, at your business, among your friends and relatives. Make your convictions known to your Mayor and Governor and—above all—to your elected leaders in Washington.
The following are listed as signers:

Affiliations for identification only.
It has a clip-out donation form, giving the address as:
P.O. Box 1976 Old Chelsea Station
New York, NY 10113
Enclosed is my tax-deductible contribution of $_______. Please use it to help prevent a potentially disastrous war in Iraq.
It then gives the web address, and says that TrueMajority is a partner in Win Without War.