Martin Luther King Freedom March and Rally

I went to Detroit this morning (June 28, 2003) to a big march sponsored by the NAACP commemorating the 40th anniversary of a speech that Dr. King gave in Detroit in 1963. Thousands attended representing the NAACP, various unions, and a variety of peace and justice groups.

The Raging Grannies were there...

and only ONE presidential candidate was represented: Dennis Kucinich!

And it wasn't a meager representation: we had over ten people there, including our new statewide coordinator and two people from the national campaign headquarters in Cleveland. We passed out hundreds of flyers, as well as buttons, bumper stickers, and so on. You could see our new Kucinich T-shirts everywhere!

The march ended at Hart Plaza on the Detroit River:

My apologies to those whose pictures aren't here. My new digital camera had an unfortunate "Kodak Moment" and lost the first ten or so pictures that I took. Argh!