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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Quote du jour

“But for those of us who believe it's worth it, we'll see progress. For those who believe it's not worth it, there is no progress.” -- aWol, in his press lie-fest today.

He can't make it much clearer than that. (Really--I've read a lot of quotes from the scumbag, and he truly can't make anything clearer than that.) For him there is no objective reality whatsoever. If he believes it's worth it, he'll continue to see progress even after the last surviving US soldier pulls the last misplaced AK-47 out of the cold, dead, purple-fingered hands of the last Iraqi, and then dies himself. Hey--no more sectarian violence! Progress!

BTW, he said a whole bunch of other stupid things, including this gem about Alberto Torture Gonzales: "There’s no proof of wrong. Why would I hold somebody accountable who has done nothing wrong?" Millions of Iraqis and thousands of hostages in CIA prisons worldwide would like to know the answer to that one.