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Monday, August 06, 2007

Democrats suck [Updated]

Why would anyone think they could stand up to supposed dangerous terrorists when they can't stand up to the childish taunts of Repugs?
The House Democratic leadership had severe reservations about the proposal and an overwhelming majority of Democrats opposed it. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the measure "does violence to the Constitution of the United States."

But with the Senate already in recess, Democrats confronted the choice of allowing the administration's bill to reach the floor and be approved mainly by Republicans or letting it die.

If it had stalled, that would have left Democratic lawmakers, long anxious about appearing weak on national security issues, facing an August spent fending off charges from Republicans that they had left Americans exposed to threats.
"I can't imagine they would take a monthlong vacation without fulfilling their obligation to keep America safe," Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, said before the House approved the bill.
Unfortunately, McConnell can't imagine such a thing because the Dumbos have an unbroken record of caving in to whatever the Repugs want whenever they deliver taunts like McConnell's.

The new FISA bill does "violence to the Constitution," but Nancy and the other Dem "leaders" aren't willing to face a month of stupid taunts from members of a deeply unpopular party. It would also appear that they plan to give Bush enough rope to hang himself--that is, give him whatever he wants so that when it ultimately fails (even worse than now), he can't claim it was because they blocked his path. A smart game--if the Constitution and the lives of millions didn't hang in the balance. As it is, it is criminal negligence of the highest order to allow this unhinged cowboy and his dark overlord to proceed with their world-destroying agenda.

Worse than worthless.

[Update] Chris Floyd, quoting Arthur Silber extensively, makes the case that the Dems are not cowards--they're accomplices. Silber:
Endless war, an increasingly oppressive surveillance state, the evisceration of individual freedom and civil liberties, and ongoing chaos and destruction are all what they want.

None of this is an "error," or a "mistake in judgment," or "good intentions" gone awry. This is what they want.

Never, ever forget it.