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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My kind of town, Ann Arbor is!

Ann Arbor city officials are making a case for local residents to drink their tap water and stay away from bottled water, claiming it's better for the environment.

The Ann Arbor City Council has banned the city from buying or serving commercial bottled water at any functions. The resolution says that bottle water is not environmentally friendly because manufacturing new plastic bottles uses crude oil and energy, while disposing of those bottles creates more waste. It further argues that transporting that water creates air pollution, such as greenhouse gases.

It also states that withdrawing water from streams and wells is ecologically dangerous because it depletes wetlands, streams, lakes and other finite water resources. It also undermines confidence in city tap water, the resolution claims, adding "continuing to bottle water from non-renewable sources is dangerous to Michigan's ecology and counter to the principles of a Green Society."
Of all the crazy things Americans go crazy for, bottled water is one of the most insane. I'm glad to see our city council spell out the many problems.

There are many things I love about Mexico, but not being able to drink the tap water is not one of them. Why Americans are wasting so much money to purchase something that is almost free, just to become more like Mexico in this respect, is far beyond my comprehension.