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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Show of force

ABC is reporting that US planes from the aircraft carrier Eisenhower engaged in a huge "show of force" towards Iran, coming within 50 miles of the coast with more than 100 planes. (At this time, I can't find a single article about this--only the ABC video.)

You know Bush is lying there in the oval office (double entendre intended), just drooling over the possibility that one of those planes gets shot down. There is no legal reason for either the British or US navies to be within a thousand miles of Iran. Whether the British sailors were in Iraq or Iran, they didn't belong there. And neither does the Eisenhower. But Bush and Blair will do whatever they feel is necessary to get their war with Iran--UN resolutions, arresting Iranian diplomats in Iraq, blaming Iran for their Iraq troubles, dancing on the border, threatening Iran with a massive show of force. Whatever it takes for these lunatics.