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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More evil than stupid

That's Chris Floyd's take on our Disaster-in-Chief:
Victory or defeat, it didn't matter: the "mission" of aggrandizing the wealth and privilege of the elite interests represented and embodied by Bush was always going to be "accomplished." Bush knew this. To him, the game was always worth the candle. The possibility that thousands of American soldiers would have to die--that hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis would be murdered--that violent sectarians would subjugate the Iraqis--that multitudes would have to flee their homes and millions more be left destitute, terrorized traumatized, besieged--that future generations of Americans would be saddled with back-breaking debts--that the world would sicken with more hate, more violence, more grief and revenge--none of this was of any great concern to Bush.
George W. Bush is not the stupidest man ever to sit in the White House. He is probably more intelligent than, say, Harry Truman or Ronald Reagan or Andrew Johnson, perhaps even Lyndon Johnson. Bush knows, to a far greater degree than most of us give him credit for, what he is doing, and why, and the very real effects of his actions. But he is almost certainly the most withered soul ever to hold the presidency, a gutted husk whose only flashes of real feeling seem to come in his rages, his insults, his scorn, his self-righteousness--his baser instincts, centered only and forever on himself. A man who could do what he has done--and know what he is doing as he does it--is a loathsome creature indeed, one who has somewhere, somehow, lost his humanity.