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Monday, February 05, 2007

$2.9 trillion and what do you get

More money for war and deeper in debt
Cuts in health and he ain't done yet
Our future robbed by Republican whores.

AWol continues to play the same game--ask for outrageous amounts of money for outrageous things, counting on the Dumbocrats to debate and compromise with his nonsense, rather than rejecting it (and him) outright. Announcing a "surge" of troops, in the face of the expressed will of the voters and even of the war criminals on his Iraq Study Group, has led to a month of debate about whether there should be a surge or not, instead of the proper debate about whether all US troops should be removed from Iraq tomorrow or day after tomorrow. And now they'll use this ridiculous budget as a starting point for compromise, rather than properly debating whether to pursue gentle impeachment (Bush, Cheney and Gonzo) or harsh impeachment (throw in everyone else in the administration, and sentence them all to eternity in Gitmo).

Unfortunately, the idiot Dems take all of their good options (defunding the war and impeachment) off the friggin' table (the table which still seems to have nuking Iran on it) so they're left with nothing to bargain away. Don't compromise with insanity, morons!

Aargh! Sorry--I'm in a foul mood. These -9 F overnight temperatures don't help.