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Monday, January 29, 2007

What Glenn Greenwald has been saying lately

Of course, you could just go to his blog, but in any case you should read about how the US government (read Alberto Torture Gonzales) continues to abuse Canadian citizen Maher Arar years after very wrongfully abducting him and shipping him off to Syria to be tortured for no reason whatsoever. Gonzo has kept Maher on the ridiculous "no-fly list"--as Greenwald states "almost out of spite and/or a pathological inability to admit error." The Canadian government is not pleased.

Greenwald also has a discussion about how numerous slimeballs in Congress and the media continue to refer to aWol as the "commander in chief" or worse "our commander in chief," when the Constitution makes it clear that the pResident is only commander of chief of the army and navy. If you ain't in the service, you don't have a commander in chief.

I find it truly amazing that so far I've been so lazy as to keep Greenwald off of my blog roll. One of these days, I'm going to do something about that!