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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fixin' to prepare to get ready to maybe start blogging again

I got back from Mexico on Thursday night. I looked at the news and the blogs occasionally--just enough to get bummed out about it. Bush is surging troops into Iraq, bombing Somalia, and escalating against Iran. Dick, George and Condi try to outdo each other saying ridiculous lies. And, joy of joys, the ultimate sellout Dumbocrat, Hillary Clinton, is now running for pResident. Like most of her colleagues, Hillary is now complaining about the war, but is unwilling to even discuss the two actions that could make a difference--defunding the war and impeachment. I wouldn't say that I despise Hillary, but I wouldn't cry if she contracted a fatal disease and was unable to run. Okay, I do despise her. Kucinich is the only good candidate in the race, and Edwards is probably the only other one I would find remotely acceptable. In appearance, Obama is the exact negative of Hillary--man instead of woman, black instead of white, charismatic instead of bone-chilling dull. In substance, however, they seem to be twins. Neither is a threat to world-destroying US imperialism.

Anyway, welcome back to anyone still checking to see if I've written anything lately. I should get back into regular blogging in a few days.