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Friday, January 26, 2007

Dangerously close to getting it right

AWol went to Missouri yesterday, and pretty much said that universal health care would be the best way to go:
We've got to level the playing field, from a taxes perspective. It is by far the most hopeful and fair option of any medical health care option out there today, unless, of course, you want the federal government providing it all, saying, okay, we'll provide you insurance, but we'll provide everybody insurance.
Sounds good! Only one problem--I took the quote slightly out of context. The final period was in fact a comma, followed by "which would be a mistake."

To paraphrase: My crazy plan is the best one available except, of course, for the best one available, tried and tested in numerous other countries, which we obviously can't do here because we'd lose all those campaign contributions from drug and insurance companies.

Obviously accidentally coming this close to the truth tossed Bush from his verbal mountain bike, for his next two sentences were:
Anyway, listen to health savings accounts, but I don't want to be Mr. Lecturer. But she is -- it's an interesting option for you.
There she is, Mr. Lecturer--trying to be heard over those noisy health savings accounts.

I think that Nancy, Harry and the other Dems should make it abundantly clear to Bush and his co-conspirators that they will pay no attention whatsoever to any of Bush's legislative proposals for the next two years. Probably should be true for me, as well. Maybe if we ignore him he'll just go away?