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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Let's you and him fight

Destroy, occupy, and humiliate a country long enough and sooner or later, it appears, civil war will break out. It has been happening in Afghanistan pretty much non-stop since the Soviet invasion 27 years ago, refreshed by the American invasion five years ago. It is obviously happening in Iraq. And Ariel Sharon must be in coma heaven if he somehow realizes that Israel has now pushed the Palestinians into fighting each other. The strategy is generally the same--identify a faction which serves your interests (Saddam, Taliban), arm it to the hilt, give it enough time to piss off the rest of the country, and then turn on it. Throw in some pretenses of democracy so you can blame the victims when everything falls apart.

Speaking of blaming the victims, Iowa governor and supposed pResidential candidate Tom Vilsack was on the Daily Show last night. Disgusting. His Iraq policy? It's time the Iraqis took charge of their own country--"You fight for it; you die for it." Carl Levin says crap like that all the time. Neither one of these tools calls for full and immediate withdrawal, however. They just want to blame the Iraqis for the quagmire our insane government created. Turning it over to the Iraqis is the best policy, but only because our presence only makes it worse, as it has from day one. Posing it as punishment for bad behavior by the Iraqis is just absurdly childish.

And speaking of douchebag Democrats, Senate majority leader Harry Reid (at least if Johnson survives) demonstrates the kind of leadership we can expect from the Democratic wing of the Republican party:
Senator Reid made clear that his support for a troop increase depended on its being linked to an overall withdrawal plan. "We have to change course in Iraq," he said on the ABC News program "This Week." But in the meantime, Mr. Reid said, Democrats would "give the military anything they want."
Harry, you ^&$%#$!!!!, giving the military anything they want is THE SAME COURSE!!!

Dang. I think I'll go back into my cave. Go look at WIIIAI's pictures of the year.