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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You do really stupid stuff, people get hurt

Even if your "study group" isn't composed of white-washing war criminals.

Chris Floyd examines the options available to the Iraq Study Group, the Democrats, or anyone else trying or pretending to try to find out which way to go in Iraq. Floyd looks at eight options, ranging from immediate withdrawal to John McCain's call for sending in even more troops. Floyd says that seven of the eight options lead to full-blown civil war, with the eighth, McCain's being even worse. (It would prevent civil war by uniting the Iraqis against the common enemy--us. Of course, once they defeated us, they could get on with the civil war thing.)

As far as I can see, there is only one decent solution. Let's set the wayback machine for 2002:

Instead of cravenly voting authorization for the stupidest pResident in history to go to war, Congress decides to investigate the "evidence" presented by the administration about Iraq's phantom WMD's. Congress realizes that said pResident is lying to them, votes down the authorization and starts impeachment proceedings.

Of course, to have a Congress like that, we'd have to set the wayback machine waaaaay farther back than 2002.

And, since we don't have a wayback machine, I agree with Floyd: Immediate withdrawal would be terrible for Iraq, but better than any other option, including staying the course. Once we invaded, there was never going to be a good solution.