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Monday, November 20, 2006

People writing good stuff

I've been fairly busy lately, so there's not a lot to read here. Bush and Condi seem to have spent more time in Vietnam than Kerry did, and now it's on to Indonesia. You can read all about it and see the silly photos, along with my silly comments, at WIIIAI. Kind of fun, really--I'm sure you'll join me in saying "I don't care if they ever come back!"

Jean links to the McGovern-Polk plan for withdrawal from Iraq. Excellent!

And newly-minted Senator Jim Webb (D-VA), formerly Secretary of the Navy under Reagan, surprises everyone with a strongly-worded op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, pointing out what should be the obvious inequities in the American economy. Most figured Webb would be second only to Holy Joe in being the most conservative "Democrat" in the Senate. But this op-ed could have been written by Dennis Kucinich. Chris Floyd and Billmon comment in greater detail.

The carnages in Iraq, Gaza and elsewhere continue unabated; I'll get back to more serious blogging soon.