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Friday, November 10, 2006

Maintain that course

Condi the idiot opened her mouth again:
Rice said President Bush has promised "that we will certainly make adjustments to our policy" in Iraq. "We will certainly look to new ideas."

But while "the American people clearly were voting for change, as the president said," they "were not voting for anything less than a success in Iraq."

There you go again, Condi, contradicting your lover boss. Here's what he said Monday:
Oh, some of them are saying we ought to pull out now. Others are saying we ought to pull out at a fixed date before the job is done. Actually, one of the members of the House of Representatives, a distinguished member, said the best way to handle the situation is to remove our troops to an island 5,000 miles away. I'm not kidding you. That's not a plan for victory. Nineteen House members introduced legislation that would cut off the funds for our troops. One Democrat Senator, one of Chuck's colleagues, she said, "We haven't coalesced around a single plan, but we're in general agreement on basic principles." Think about that. Yes, they're in agreement on principles: Get out before the job is done.
Jeez, Condi, it sure sounds like W was saying that a vote for the Dems was a vote for something less than a success in Iraq, in other words, a vote for reality. (BTW, it is MUCH more fun to read W's campaign speeches now!) You can't accuse us of voting against success if we vote Democratic, and then saying we didn't when we did. (Yikes--that's almost a Rummy sentence!) But of course you can--you're Condiliar Rice! And, as always, she has more:
"The American commitment to the goals that took us to Iraq remains absolutely steadfast, and that is what is important," Rice said.

Interviewer Derwin Pereira of the Singapore newspaper The Straits Times asked, "So you're saying that the U.S. will stay the course?"

Rice replied: "The United States will certainly keep after the goal that took us to Iraq, because it's too important to our own security. Iraq has to be successful for America to be secure. And so we will maintain that course."
"Iraq has to be successful for America to be secure." Jeez, if that were even remotely true, these morons sure should have thought of it before turning Iraq into a security nightmare. What Condi really means by "our own security," of course, is the freedom of Chevron and their co-criminals in the oil industry to steal Iraq's sweet, sweet crude. And she has clearly renewed her chutzpah license by talking about "commitment to the goals that took us to Iraq," which were, before being flushed down the memory hole, disarming Iraq of WMD's, which was accomplished over ten years ago, and removing a brutal dictator from power, which happened within a month of the invasion. Mission friggin' accomplished! Declare victory and COME HOME. So what the Cheney stupid course are you maintaining now, Condi?