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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Junior finally goes to Vietnam

There's fantasy...
Some day an elected leader from the United States will be sitting down with elected leaders from the Middle East, talking about the peace, and a generation of Americans will be better off for it.
George W. Bush at Florida Victory Rally, November 6, 2006

... and there's reality:
Bush's [Vietnam] itinerary promised some interesting moments. Before attending a state dinner Friday evening, Bush was to drop by the headquarters of the Communist Party to talk with its general secretary.
Just looking at that first quote--he says a "generation of Americans will be better off." They've talked about the "war on terror" lasting 50 years or more, or some two generations. So even on the extremely long shot that he's right--is making just one generation of Americans better off really worth screwing up two generations of Americans (and REALLY screwing up several generations of Middle Easterners)?