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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How could the Democrats possibly blow it now?

Two words: John Kerry. His original comment, that young people might end up "stuck in Iraq" if they don't do well in school, was a little too close to the truth. Therefore, after refusing to apologize for a few nanoseconds (about as long as he waited to concede in 2004), he now claims, in an explanation that would make Tony Snow blush, that it was a "botched joke."
Kerry said he mangled the delivery of a line aimed at Bush. According to aides, the language was originally written to say that "if you're intellectually lazy, you end up getting us stuck in a war in Iraq--just ask President Bush."
Is that how you ended up in Vietnam, John?

Anyway, he covers up his truth with a whopper of a lie: "You cannot get into the military today if you do badly in school."

Yeah, right.

Not to be out-lied, Snowjob puts his two cents worth (Confederate) in:
And White House spokesman Tony Snow said Kerry's apology on Imus didn't pass muster. "He's insisting on pointing fingers at the president," Snow said. "Just say you're sorry. It's not hard."
So say it, Tony! And your boss, too.

John Kerry somehow lost what should have been the easiest campaign EVER in 2004, running against a stupid, corrupt, miserable failure of a war criminal pResident. He should go home and shut up.