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Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy days are here again?

Arthur Silber can't find anything to get excited about in a possible Democratic victory on Tuesday:
Let's rephrase the old cliche, to make it fully accurate. When faced with dictatorship, torture, and endless war and death, the Democrats will rearrange the atoms, to be found in the molecules, which make up the imperceptible pieces of dust, that rest upon the cushions, that sit on the deck chairs of the Titanic.
Silber points out that it is delusional to believe that a Democratic Congress will do anything (positive) of importance. Clearly, a Democratic Congress will not:
  • Impeach Bush and Cheney
  • Force the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq (or anywhere else)
  • Prevent a war with Iran
  • Repeal any of the horrendous legislation passed in the last five-plus years, from the Patriot Act through the Military Commissions Act (Torture the Constitution Act).
  • Reduce the military budget
Silber links to a John Walsh article which points out that most of the Democratic challengers in competitive races were chosen by Rahm Emanuel and his Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee because they were pro-war; anti-war Dems in the primaries had to compete against these Demperialists and Rahm's money, and most of them lost (the anti-war Dems who won aren't getting any help from Rahm).

The election was lost, basically without notice, in the primaries, and more fundamentally lost long before that, when the country acquiesced in letting two big-money imperialist parties decide who the candidates will be before anyone is even paying attention. Rahm's bombers won't save the world, even if they win next Tuesday.