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Friday, November 24, 2006

America stuffs itself, shops; Bush bikes; Baghdad burns

Well-off America gave thanks yesterday for being able to live in denial for one more year, gorging on genetically-modified food laced with pesticides, hormones, and anti-biotics, passing out in front of the TV at 5 PM in a tryptophan-induced stupor, only to be awakened by the alarm clock at 3 AM to go stand in the cold waiting to buy imported crap. pResident Bush headed off to Camp David to ride the $5000 mountain bike/bribe given him by Cannondale.

Meanwhile, Iraq has a new winner in the monthly carnage sweepstakes, before October could even accept the trophy, with over 200 killed in a bomb attack yesterday, and many more already today.

Standing in line to buy stuff--back in the USSR one more time. Surviving Iraqis could tell these morons that "Target" is an appropriate name for a line of people.