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Monday, November 27, 2006

Ahead of Tomorrow

Cartoonist Tom Tomorrow is frequently ahead of the curve when it comes to ideas: His cartoons make a point, and then months or years later some pundit or politician gets credit for making the same brilliant point. Tom isn't shy about pointing this out on his blog, either. Therefore, I won't hesitate to point out that this time I was about two weeks ahead of Tomorrow. Today's This Modern World cartoon (ad viewing required) has Sparky the Penguin offer his solution to Iraq:
We take the two hundred million dollars a day we're currently pouring into Iraq and we funnel it all into an intensive top-secret project to develop the world's first working time machine--and then we go back to 2002 and pay some god-damned attention to everyone who opposed this idiotic war of choice from the start!!
To be fair, that is different from my plan from November 15, which was to use an existing time machine:
Let's set the wayback machine for 2002. Instead of cravenly voting authorization for the stupidest pResident in history to go to war, Congress decides to investigate the "evidence" presented by the administration about Iraq's phantom WMD's. Congress realizes that said pResident is lying to them, votes down the authorization and starts impeachment proceedings.