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Monday, October 09, 2006

Why, I oughta...

Last night, the government of North Korea proclaimed to the world that it had conducted a nuclear test. We're working to confirm North Korea's claim.

Nonetheless, such a claim itself constitutes a threat to international peace and security. The United States condemns this provocative act.

Once again North Korea has defied the will of the international community, and the international community will respond.
The transfer of nuclear weapons or material by North Korea to states or non-state entities would be considered a grave threat to the United States, and we would hold North Korea fully accountable for the consequences of such action.
-- aWol, today.

To summarize, Bush deals with North Korea exactly as his wingnut supporters accuse the Democrats of dealing with Iraqn. Keep drawing the line further and further back, but, boy, if you cross that one, boy, just look out! If you're wondering why he shows such little interest in this charter member of the Axis of EvilTM and its real, live, weaponized nuclear program, while Iraq gets full-scale shock and awe for non-existent programs and Iran is constantly threatened for its completely legal development of nuclear power, here's a reminder:

Of course, North Korea need only look to Pakistan to see that Bush doesn't really mean what he says about proliferation. If the US wants a war with you, it'll get it, no matter what. And if the US doesn't want a war with you, no amount of provocation, including the brutal killing of Americans, will get you that war.

Or, to simplify the previous paragraph: Everything Bush, Cheney, Rice etc. say has 100% correlation with their plans, 0% correlation with the truth.