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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

While I was sleeping...

WIIIAI was doing the onerous task of reviewing the latest nonsense from the so-called leaders of the so-called free world, George W. Bush and Tony Blair.
O'REILLY: Sixty percent of Americans are now against the Iraq War. Why?

BUSH: Because they want us to win. They believe--they are wondering whether or not we have the plans in place to win. They want to know whether or not we have the flexibility on the ground to constantly meet the enemy.
Hey Bill! Why don't you ask some of us 60 percenters instead of that idiot? We know why we oppose the war; he obviously doesn't. And Bush's explanation? There may have been some truth to it among those who have changed their opinions on the war--a year or two ago. But plans and flexibility? Those questions have long since been answered: No plans, no flexibility. Just plenty of body bags and prostheses.