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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

When the Moon is in the 109th House

Sometimes just a little joke can lead you down some crazy paths you didn't even know were there. Earlier today, I wrote "Unfortunately, ten minutes of Googling found no connection between Rev. Moon and Mark Foley. Sorry." Well, I got an e-mail from Jeff, who writes:
The connection can be seen in the repetition of a pattern. You might have expected the Washington Times to try to cover for the repugs, no? Instead, they were the first to demand Hastert's resignation, helping to expand the crisis. (Of course had they not, others would have, but the fact that they were so quick off the mark and so definite has got to be significant.) That is the "MO" signature. Of course in this case there's no possibility of "burying" the story, the cat is definitely out of the bag...
Jeff then links to a post at Rigorous Intuition, which questions why the Washington (Moonie) Times took the lead back in 1989 in exposing another Repug sex scandal, involving a Jeff-Gannon-like gay prostitution ring in the Reagan-Bush I White House run by one Craig Spence, who miraculously predicted his own "suicide" several months later.

Jeff also sent me a 30-page document relating to Moon's control over Washington--I haven't read that one yet. Jeff concludes:
Strange how all things Korean converge here, The Washington Times, a Moonie paper, The Ban-Ki Moon candidacy to head the UN. he is believed to be a Moonie. The closeness of the Bush family to Moon. The NK nuclear test at just this time. Why, if I were a conspiracy theorist, I might suspect that the Foley thing breaking now is to distract attention from the realization of Moon's long held plan to take over the world.
Interesting, yes? Unfortunately, another ten minutes of Googling failed to uncover any documentation that Ban-Ki Moon is in fact a Moonie, despite his name.

I'll be checking my inbox.