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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This isn't Sportscenter anymore...

About twice as long as it should be, but Keith Olbermann does it again. His point about the Repug ad which features the words of bin Laden and Zawahiri being terrorism is spot on. The stuff about the bones found at Ground Zero dilutes it for me--some people care a lot more about remains than I do, I guess.

Just stick to the points--the Repugs are using Osama bin Laden and Zawahiri as their campaign spokespersons. The goal of terrorism is to spread terror, and that is exactly what the Repugs are doing. It's not just in Iraq and Afghanistan: George W. Bush is the biggest terrorist in this country as well. (In that sense, I guess that anti-DeVos ad I linked to earlier compares to those 2002 ads in Georgia showing Max Cleland and Osama side by side--implying that the opposing candidate is in league with terrorists.)