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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

North Korea

I've been waiting for some of my favorite bloggers to explain it to me, but there's not much so far. So I'll have to go with my own reactions. First, we've suspected for three years that North Korea has nukes, so it's hardly a big surprise. Secondly, I don't see it as any great increase in danger to me or the US in general. Russia, Great Britain, Pakistan and Israel have nukes, and better means of delivering them.

But Kim Jong-Il is crazy! And Putin, Blair, Musharraf and Olmert aren't? And how about the maniac who could irradiate this country without having to launch his thousands of nukes at all--just detonate them in their silos or in their submarines in port? By far the greatest danger these North Korean nukes pose to the U.S. will be from Bush's response to them.

BTW, if you're wondering how backward North Korea was able to get the technology to join the nuclear club, you might want to ask our Secretary of War.