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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gag me with a spoon

The Veep from the Deep has some fans in Kansas:
Grace Mosier lives with her mom and dad, goes to birthday parties, takes ballet classes and is just like a lot of other 6-year-old girls. Except that she happens to be obsessed with Dick Cheney.

"I really, really like him," says Grace, who can tell you what state the vice president was born in (Nebraska), where he went to grade school (College View, in Lincoln) and the names of his dogs (Dave and Jackson). She gets her fix of Cheney fun-facts by visiting the White House Web site for children. It says there that his favorite teacher was Miss Duffield and that he used to run a company called Halliburton.
Surely someone needs to reprogram Grace immediately and give her a more appropriate hero, like Barry Bonds or Paris Hilton or Osama bin Laden. Otherwise, she may grow up to be another idiot like these:
"It's just such a big thrill to see and hear this man," says Marvin Smith, a farmer and former teacher.

Mr. Smith says most people he knows feel the same way, "except for a few of those peacemakers." [Cursed are the peacemakers here in Kansas.]
"We love him here," Susan Wagle, a state senator, says of Mr. Cheney.
"There was a peacefulness and a truthfulness to this man that really caught my heart," says the congressman's wife, Anne Ryun, who is clutching a Bush-Cheney placard from the 2000 campaign that the vice president has just autographed.

Ms. Ryun had spoken briefly to Mr. Cheney and says she had told him she was praying for him. She adds that his wife, Lynne, "is the most gracious, intelligent woman I've ever known of," and that she wants to model her life after her. Recounting this, Ms. Ryun's voice goes soft, and her eyes become a little glassy.
What the Cheney IS the matter with Kansas? Can you think of anyone else who less represents peacefulness and truthfulness than Useless Dick? (With an IQ over 75 that is--I know who you're thinking of!)

The article also mentions a childhood friend of Cheney's who didn't get to talk to Cheney because he didn't contribute the $1000 required for the photo op. I wonder where six-year-old Grace got the G-note?