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Monday, October 30, 2006

From Ingrid Rice.

BTW, Bob Harris, author of the fine book Prisoner of Trebekistan, had this post the other day on his blog:
Other liberals who were faking their conditions

Because, well, you heard what Rush said about Michael J. Fox, so obviously:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (he had Lucy Mercer!). Max Cleland. Michael Moore (the fat's just to make him seem lovable!). Steve Biko (the police said those head wounds were the result of a hunger strike!). Helen Keller.

How dare these people get involved in politics.
Reading that, I remembered an old maxim from marching band: "There's a limit to good taste, but no limit to bad taste!" So I sent an e-mail off to Harris with a few more examples:
  • Dennis Kucinich is faking his shortness, as am I.
  • John Kerry is really a better speaker than Martin Luther King, he's just inarticulate to lose votes.
  • And, of course, Bill Clinton really HATES sex of any kind.
  • Oh, and Jesus? Those weren't real nails. They were Steve Martin-style arrow-through-the-head fake nails.