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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Agent Orange

Like the evil herbicide of the Vietnam war, the underage-homosexual-predator sex scandal rocking Capitol Hill may turn out to be a deFoleyant with major collateral damage.
Repug "leaders" apparently knew about the boy-toy scandal in Congress last year, but didn't do anything about it. Greg Saunders and Josh Marshall think the scandal may serve not only to rid us of the vile Foley, but of much of the Grope Our Pages (GOP) "leadership" as well. One can only hope. Still, while preying on underage Congressional pages is certainly more depraved (and criminal) than being serviced by a willing adult intern, one has to be amazed at the values displayed here. These people have supported wars which have killed hundreds of thousands, and caused many more to be wounded, tortured and raped (not mutually exclusive groups, obviously). They have wilfully shredded the Constitution they have sworn to uphold. But it is their suppressed human lust, not their proudly proclaimed hatred and bloodthirstiness, which is most likely to bring them down. And you can bet that it will be the gay thing, not the underage thing or the predator/harrassment thing, that will be their final undoing.

I wonder if Foley would agree with McGreevey that hiding in the closet is excellent training for success in American politics?