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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Eternal Shame on Debbie Stabenow

Voting with the Repugs to support torture, violation of international law, suspension of habeus corpus. Apparently she feared a Repug attack ad something like this:
Debbie Stabenow thinks people are entitled to fair trials. Debbie Stabenow believes defendants should be able to see the evidence against them. Debbie Stabenow doesn't think we should trust George Bush, and only George Bush, to define acceptable interrogation techniques.

Debbie Stabenow. Bad for torture; bad for fascism.
Well, you can relax, Debbie. The Repugs won't be running that ad. But they'll find something else, Debbie, they always do. And you'll always have on your conscience that human beings, many of them innocent, are being brutally tortured with your approval.

What a total lack of respect for the people of Michigan you have, Debbie, if you think this vote will impress us. Even Hillary wasn't this much of a sellout.