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Friday, September 01, 2006

Despite threat of sanctions, uranium enrichment plans proceed

Of course the threat of sanctions is against Iran. The uranium enrichment is in New Mexico:
The first major nuclear facility to be licensed in the United States in three decades moved a step closer to construction Tuesday as officials broke ground for a $1.5 billion uranium enrichment plant in Eastern New Mexico.
Local officials lauded the plant for diversifying the region's bedrock economy of oil and gas.

[Gov. William] Richardson, a former U.S. energy secretary, said nuclear energy will play an important role in the nation's energy mix, and the uranium enrichment plant is a step into the future.
Two nuclear watchdog groups have appealed the NRC's license decision for LES, which is made up of European-based Urenco, British Nuclear Fuels Unlimited and minor U.S. partners.

Public Citizen and the Nuclear Information and Resource Service argued in their filing this month in federal court in Washington, D.C., that LES has not shown a plausible strategy to dispose of depleted uranium waste.

From John Trever.
Actually, I imagine that Ahmedinajad did say something like that, but it was probably translated as "We plan to boom and bust America's economy. Israel's too."