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Monday, July 17, 2006

TWA 800--Ten years ago tonight

I still don't buy the official story. The Clinton administration decided that a terror attack one month before the Atlanta Olympics and four months before the election wouldn't look good, so they ignored the one-hundred-plus eyewitnesses who saw a missile and derailed the investigation for months. Of course not all of the "conspiracy theories" are true, and some probably were started by Republican partisans looking to discredit Clinton. But everything about the investigation screams out cover-up. Presidents don't react to tragedies by trying to figure out what happened, or how to prevent them from happening again. They react to tragedies in the ways they calculate are going to benefit them most politically. In July 1996 Clinton was popular and looking to ride to an easy re-election over a weak Republican opponent--he didn't need any terrorists rocking the boat. In September 2001 Bush was wallowing in his own incompetence with his poll numbers sinking from his second-place finish in the election--9/11 was just what he needed. (See for lots of articles on why the official story is a sham. Also, Nelson Demille's Nightfall is a fascinating novel based on TWA 800--an easy, fun and even informative read.)

BTW, NBC's Brian Williams is a smug prick. He introduced the TWA 800 story tonight, and then went to footage of an MSNBC anchor covering the story ten years ago. That anchor? Brian Williams. I saw Dan Rather do that a couple of years ago, although his report from the field had been put together earlier the same day--not ten years earlier.