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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Right. But it's Israel!

Israelis fire on Fox News, according to Fox News.

Incredible comments from the Fox News clowns back in the studio:
Dark-haired clown (comparatively sane): Clearly, shooting at the press, too. He's wearing a flack jacket that says "press" right on it.
Blond clown (insane): Yeah, but if you're somebody and you're a long ways away and you just see something and you don't know who it is, sometimes you just start shooting.
Dark-haired clown: Really?
Then later, after the reporter from Gaza says he's pretty sure that it was Israelis who fired at him...
Dark-haired clown: I don't understand. It says "press," it's that color, it's international...
Blond clown: Bad guys shoot at anything...
Dark-haired clown: Right. But it's Israel!
Obviously a moment of cognitive dissonance for dark-haired clown. As the American flag flies in the corner, celebrating the freedom of American press hacks to go anywhere on earth and have American bullets fired at them.