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Friday, July 07, 2006

Kind of an interesting sound byte, a nice throwaway line

Ethnic cleansing, that is.

In case you missed it, our pResident is a moron. He held a press conference in Chicago to reinforce that point. He talked about immigration:
I told the workers last night that there are about 11 million people here, more or less, who have been here for a while, that are building families, and they're good workers. And they said, what are you going to do about it? And I said, well, there's two extremes on this issue. One extreme is, kick them out, deport everybody. That's not going to work. It may sound like kind of an interesting sound byte, kind of a nice throwaway line, but it's not going to work. It's impractical.

The other option is to say, well, you're an automatic citizen. That's called amnesty. That won't work. And the reason that won't work is if you grant 8 million or 9 million people who are here illegally automatic citizenship, it means another 8 million or 9 million coming.

The best way to deal with this problem, in my judgment, is to say, look, you're here illegally, there's got to be a consequence.
Isn't that what the insurgents in Iraq are telling us every day?

Here was the first question of the day: "Mr. President, Japan has dropped the threat of sanctions from its proposed Security Council resolution about North Korea. Why was that necessary? And how do you punish or penalize a country that's already among the poorest and most isolated in the world?"

Jeez! Hasn't the guy ever heard of Afghanistan? That's how it's done. And if the country isn't already poor? You go to war with it, make it suffer through 12 years of harsh sanctions, and then GO TO WAR WITH IT AGAIN! Really, aWol isn't clear about much, but if the reporter didn't already know the answer to that question, he must be from Jupiter.

I don't have the stomach to go through the whole thing, but if snide comments about the stupid stuff Bush says is your bag, WIIIAI has more.