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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Have I mentioned that I hate Bush?

As Israel continues to destroy Lebanon, the moron wants to go after Iran.
"Now is the time to address the root cause of the problem and the root cause of the problem is terrorist groups trying to stop the advance of democracy," he said. "Our objective is to make sure that those who use terrorist tactics are not rewarded."
Terrorist tactics like cluster bombs, ten-to-one reprisals, and deliberately killing unarmed UN observers?

And after derailing any and all attempts at a ceasefire, while rushing more fuel and bombs to Israel, aWol has the gall to respond like this to the latest Zawahiri rant:
"I'm not surprised people who use terrorist tactics would start speaking out," the president said. "Here's a fellow who is in a remote region of the world putting out statements basically encouraging people to use terrorist tactics to kill innocent people to achieve their political objectives. And the United States of America stands strong against Mr. Zawahri and his types."
Nearly five years after 9/11, aWol still doesn't know where Zawahiri or bin Laden are, but chances are that they're a lot less "remote" from Lebanon than W is in Washington (or Crawford, where I'm sure he'll be heading soon).

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