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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Calderon playing by Bush's script

Note the bias towards Calderon having won the election in this AP paragraph:
Mexico began a marathon review of vote tallies Wednesday to determine whether conservative candidate Felipe Calderon really won the tight presidential race, while his leftist challenger insisted he was victorious and denounced what he called widespread irregularities.
Calderon then plays the cabinet card:
Calderon told The Associated Press that he would be willing to include his charismatic challenger in his Cabinet in an effort to avoid weeks of political impasse. But he said he didn't think Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador would accept, adding that the two men hadn't talked since the election.
Remember how aWol was naming his cabinet, including the then-somewhat-credible Colin Powell, long before the election theft process was arbitrarily confirmed by the Supreme Court in 2000. The ploy seemed to work--diluting opposition to the coup by suggesting that Bush might actually hire competent people to do his work for him. Calderon's "offer" of something he doesn't own--Secretary of Polar Regions or something--is an even more transparent ploy.