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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Turning the corner

Billmon provides the caption for the Darkow cartoon below:
There are no more name-brand dictators or terrorists left to catch or kill: Zarqawi's successor is so obscure nobody seems to know who he is or where he came from -- it's not even written into the script yet. The elections are over, so there'll be no more purple fingers to wave in front of the cameras. The "permanent" government has been formed; all of its ministers finally named.

The turning points, in other words, have all been turned, and Iraq is still a killing field. Now that the last few macabre headlines have been squeezed out of Zarqwari's autopsy report, democracy boy and his handlers literally have nothing to look forward to -- except a long, hot summer of IEDs, ethnic cleansing and more of those flag-wrapped caskets being Federal Expressed to cemetaries around the country.
Unfortunately, Billmon forgets that the corner was never turned in Afghanistan, either--they just moved to a different corner. Now that there are no more propaganda victories to be had in Iraq, they'll just start over with Iran.