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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ration the Liberation

The US continues to bring freedom to the long-suffering people of Afghanistan, at the rate of 340 airstrikes in the past three months--more than twice the amount "liberation" delivered to Iraq in the same period. And those Afghans lucky enough not to be liberated directly by one of those bombs will know they are liberated--because their newspapers won't be allowed to tell them otherwise. From the BBC:
Criticism of the US-led coalition, or Nato mission, is banned as is interviewing what it calls terrorist commanders, or even filming or photographing them.

Representing the armed forces as weak is banned, as is publishing interviews against the government's foreign policy.

Broadcasters have also been told not to put news of militant activities, such as suicide or roadside bombings, as the lead story on bulletins.

The letter acquired by the BBC is marked not to be distributed or copied and was delivered by the intelligence services in Afghanistan to national journalists after they were summoned to a meeting.
The war in Afghanistan is just as premeditated and criminal as the one in Iraq, and don't let any lying politicians tell you otherwise (it's a favorite of Democrats trying to prove their macho or whatever). Yes, according to the official lie about 9/11, Afghanistan was "harboring terrorists" suspected of planning and directing the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon. But so were Germany, Spain, Indonesia, California, Florida and New Jersey. The Afghan government, with their Nissan pickups and AK-47's, were to blame because they had not rid their country of these pesky terrorists, something the US military with its cruise missiles and pilotless missile-armed drones and night-vision goggles and depleted uranium hasn't been able to do in almost five years (approximately the same length of time that the Taliban had control of most of Afghanistan).

The Bushies continue to try to give their Iraq crime legitimacy by linking it to the "war on terror." It is way past time for the Dumbocrats to turn this nonsense inside out. The fiasco in Iraq and the lies told about it should be used to demonstrate the illegitimacy of the "war on terror." The Bushies didn't just lie about Iraq--they lied about EVERYTHING. All of their wars are bogus, and it's way past time for this to be shouted from the rooftops by anyone pretending to oppose the Bush agenda.