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Friday, May 05, 2006

They do the hocus-pocus 'bout them WMD's, but oil's what it's all about!

Those of you who always follow my advice have already read this from the latest Chris Floyd gem:
Military force is essential because the American economy is in an advanced state of decadence and cannot win its way to continued dominance by peaceful means. The American elite is now given over almost entirely to the manipulation of financial instruments to produce vast private profits, disconnected from the surrounding community. The actual production of actual goods is in steep decline, bringing with it a corresponding decay in the quality of American life below the elite level. Without cheap oil--and despite the panicky sticker-shock at the pump today, Americans still pay far less than most people for fuel--the whole fragile house of cards could fall. Thus dominance and survival have become intertwined; and both depend on mastery of the Middle East's resources.

Saddam Hussein became a target not because he oppressed his people or warred with his neighbors or threatened Israel or once developed WMD--all of which he did during his years as an American ally. He had to be removed because he would not allow American and British oil firms to exploit Iraqi resources, but was instead signing deals with Chinese, French and Russian companies. This was intolerable. It put the preservation of the American way of life--and the global dominance on which it now depends--in the hands of foreign interests. With global reserves dwindling, Iraq's oil was simply too important to be entrusted to others any longer; direct intervention was required.
Floyd also recommends this book by Canadian journalist Paul William Roberts.