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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Sorry--I couldn't get Blogger to work today until just now. I'll try to remember some of the stuff I wanted to link to:
  • Riverbend's report on the Shiite fundamentalist crackdown on World Cup fever in Iraq.
  • The WSWS report on the corporate takeover and police-state tactics at the World Cup in Germany.
  • The WaPo reports that mining the Canadian oil sands is causing an "unexpectedly high environmental toll." Unexpected only if you never had a clue as to how they are processed. In a sane world, the precious fresh water and virgin forest being destroyed would be valued WAY above the sludgy muck necessary to keep from having to negotiate the American way of life. Did you know that the US imports more oil from Canada than from any other country?
  • Speaking of negotiating, Condiliar offers to talk to the Iranians, on the condition that they concede every point before the talks start.