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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Who are the 32%?

From the Chicago Tribune, via Billmon:
In the staunchly Republican community of London, about 25 miles west of Columbus, Melinda Conley still supports President Bush and calls herself a "die-hard Republican."

But Conley, an interior designer and gift shop owner on Main Street, quickly says that she has done a lot of dying lately, a point driven home last week when she spent $100 on gas for her Ford Excursion--and that didn't fill the tank. She has no retirement plan. And business is tough.

"I keep telling myself that these guys know what they're doing, but is it going to get any better? I don't know that it is," Conley said. "Why is it harder and harder and harder just to live?"
She makes a living selling worthless crap (with apologies to the one or two gift-shop owners out there who sell valuable crap). She apparently voted for aWol twice, and tells herself that the Bushies know what they're doing--and then marvels that she can't afford to top off the fuel reservoir on her land yacht. She wouldn't know reality if it ran her over--which it is bound to do in the next year or two.

Frankly, no one who drives an Excursion has any right whatsoever to ask "Why is it harder and harder and harder just to live?"