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Friday, April 21, 2006

Tilting at windmills: greedy "green"

Global corporations want to build 2000 windmills in Oaxaca, Mexico, threatening to take land from the indigenous population and destroy their way of life, and even their ability to survive. Subcomandante Marcos is there to speak on their behalf.


Narco News article. Excerpt:
The next 500 windmills are slated to go up along 1,300 hectares (five square miles) in the town of La Venta and nearby. The next wave--along the beach and Southeast Mexico’s coastal Dead Sea--will mean a certain death sentence for the indigenous fishing communities that speak Huave and Zapotec from San Francisco del Mar to San Mateo del Mar. The land of the historic vanguard of indigenous resistance in Mexico--the Isthmus of Tehuantepec--will then become an "energy park," globalization's showcase boomtowns, to be exploited by the highest bidder while displacing the authentic wealth of a surviving ancient civilization.

But a problem erupted for the Greedy Grabbers on their way to world domination via this anorexic stretch of América: The families that farm more than half that swathe of earth have so far refused to sign away the rights to 700 hectares of their lands. And a fight is brewing between two winds: one from above, the other from below and gusting to the left, both of which understand that the wind that wins this Isthmus will have a strategic advantage in all the battles to come.