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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

They all suck

I tend to focus most of my ire against the Democratic (sic) Party towards Sen. Hillary Clinton, because she and her $20 million (and counting) war chest currently represent the biggest of many obstacles to there being a major improvement in our government in 2009. It's not just that her policies would be much less of a change from the status quo than many seem to think; I also think she is despised enough across the political spectrum that she would have little chance of winning against a semi-coherent Repug and his amazing paperless voting machines. But there are Democrats who are even worse. Well, at least one, Joe Lieberman.

But the real shame is that there are few Democrats who are much better. A few in the House: Lee, Kucinich, Conyers. But not any in the Senate. Russ Feingold (D-WI) is considered the best of a very bad lot, but even he pays lip service to the lies and hype of the administration. Here's what he told a bunch of LA bloggers about Iran the other day:
"We must never take any option off the table, because the danger is real. But we need to make every effort to negotiate, and it doesn't look like that's being done."
Eli has the perfect response:
Really? Never take any option off the table? Even using nuclear weapons, or violating international law by launching an unprovoked war of aggression? How about kidnapping Ayatollah Khamenei and torturing him until President Ahmadinejad agrees to destroy all nuclear facilities in Iran? Could we at least take that option off the table?

With "progressives" like this, hyping the "danger" of Iran and refusing to "take any option off the table," why worry about FOX News and the right wing?
The comments on his post are great as well. Like I said last week, if the threat from Iran is real, then we are completely defenseless. And if you can't take war crimes off the table, you don't deserve a place at the table.