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Friday, April 28, 2006

The Ruling (Lack of) Class

AWol met today with President Aliyev of Azerbaijan, who succeeded his father as president by winning an election of dubious validity in 2003. The intelligence company said that "Ilham Aliyev lacks his father's charisma, political skills, contacts, experience, stature, intelligence and authority."

Two pea-brains in a pod.

No praise for George H.W. Bush implied or intended. To say that he was a better pResident than W is like saying that the Armenian genocide was "better" than the Holocaust. Or more accurately, that illegal Gulf War I was better than illegal Gulf War II--which certainly wouldn't be true if you were one of the tens of thousands killed in Gulf War I. George H.W. Bush was a very, very bad pResident, one of the worst we've ever had (which is saying a lot). His son is much, much worse.