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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Levees breaking in California

And the Repugs don't have a Democratic governor to blame for their screwups this time. From AP:
Deputies evacuated about 100 homes early Wednesday because a storm-weakened earthen dam appeared close to rupturing, threatening a flood. Two levees had broken a day earlier in the Central Valley, and homes were evacuated near San Francisco because of a threat of landslides from the heavy rain.

The 12-foot earthen dam is at a golf course near Valley Springs in the Sierra foothills, surrounded by a semi-residential area of ranch homes and horse properties.

Up to 4 inches of rain had fallen in 24 hours in the area, weakening the dam, said Angus Barkhuff, a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Sacramento.
Rain has been falling on Northern California for the past month and meteorologists predict continued wet weather for two more weeks.

The two levee breaks Tuesday in the agricultural Central Valley forced evacuations of residential areas and inundated farmland.
Regular blogreaders already know that the Central Valley is another catastrophe waiting to happen. It looks like the wait may not be long.