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Friday, April 28, 2006

Gas price nonsense

Of all of the apparently hopeless causes I promote here on the blog, trying to get politicians to behave in the long-term best interest of the country and the world when it comes to gasoline prices is probably the most hopeless. Bush will be impeached, the troops will be back from Iraq, the Bill of Rights will be reinstated, Americans will be monitoring the government rather than vice versa, GMO's will be banned, NAFTA will be repealed, and Dennis Kucinich will be president long before politicians will stop grandstanding over "high" gasoline prices. They know that it's about the only issue many (most?) voters pay any attention to. But that doesn't stop us bloggers from trying.

The Oil Drum tries to explain the facts to the politicians in a lengthy press release, on which Jonathan at Past Peak comments. Greg Saunders at This Modern World calls the Repugs' call for $100 rebate checks to taxpayers "bribery;" I reluctantly informed him that Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) is bidding five times as much for your votes.

Keeping gas prices low is like trying to rescue someone falling out of a building by digging a hole where he's going to land. It's expensive, futile, and will only make the splat bigger when he finally hits bottom. But, if you're Congress, digging holes is what you do.